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Repatriation of Earnings

Focus point

Tax Costs

Reasonable and Transparent Process

Determination of Permanent Establishment (PE)

Treatment of repatriation of earnings for different projects, withholding and payment of the appropriate taxes, and tax treaties can directly affect the success of payments. In addition, RTF can determine the type and amount of withholding taxes to be accounted based on the overseas business, and also help to analyze and bear the lowest tax burden from the tax bureau.
The time required to repatriate earnings from China can directly affect the enterprise and its shareholder's cash flow. Most shareholders want to obtain the profits as soon as possible to make up for the limited cash flow; so the ineffective arrangement of audit reports on related profits will cause the repatriation process to badly affect the timing of external payments.
Due to the misjudgment of Permanent Establishment (PE) by tax bureaus caused by the vague description of foreign workers' inbound projects in contracts, enterprises have to withhold and remit corporate income tax.

Related Matters


Execution of Control Table
Fair Pricing
Clearly divide different types of payment items in contracts. Distinguish withholding-at-source from non-withholding-at-source projects, which directly affect the tax bureau's judgment on tax costs.
We will create a project schedule that allows convenient and efficient tracking of the project process and milestone achievement. This common resource increases mutual understanding and keeps our clients on the same page as RTF's team members at all times.
In confirming whether a company belongs to an affiliated company transaction, we focus on fairness in contract pricing, cost apportionments, and other aspects of the affiliated party, and revise the contract to conform to the fairness description of a non-affiliated party, in order to reduce the tax cost during the approval process and the future management.

Audit verification

Preparation of Materials
Submission of Application
Repatriating income from China will require a profit audit report.
After the confirmation of the clients, we assist our enterprise clients to prepare the external payment application, complete a series of income repatriation forms for the affiliated party, and prepare other payment materials.

After the relevant information has been prepared, all materials will be classified and collected according to the different repatriation projects and submitted to the administering tax bureau, foreign exchange bureau, business committee, and other departments.

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