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Accounting Outsourcing

Focus point

Accurate Accounting Treatment

Tax Risk Control

Integration of Accounting Standards

Different accounting methods can affect the consistency and comparability of accounting data. Standardizing our enterprise clients' accounting methods is our consistent objective.
Our professional team of accountants and tax experts will arrange tax matters so that enterprises can optimally control taxation risks. In addition, we provide tax policy and financial subsidy information and consulting.
Through effective overall planning, we can aid our foreign investment enterprise clients to quickly realize financial and tax optimization objectives with lower costs, at the same time reducing their risk exposure. By optimizing the tax plan, we permit enterprises to obtain more tax policy and subsidy support.

Related Matters

Top Management

Middle Management
Line Management
For senior management, we provide extensive amounts of information about the benefits and risks of tax policy in order to streamline the decision-making process. We also work with enterprises to develop efficient long-term development strategies.

For mid-level management, we provide process procedures to assist with monitoring, discovery, analysis, settlement, and feedback of financial and tax affairs to help achieve optimal input-output ratios.
We provide a convenient financial and tax-exchange environment and an easy operation scheme for line management.

Service Advantages

Hassle-Free Management

Transparent Accounts


We adopt a 1+N team management model--where one staff member provides services, and the team provides support--in order to assist with the various needs of enterprises across a variety of operation stages.
Transparent accounts ensures that all contracts, bills, cash/bank accounts, and AR/AP accounts receive match perfectly and are accounted for according to each project's specific needs, with no issues of inaccuracy.
We provide a high-level security system with data backup for double the insurance. We have adopted the domestic Ufida8 high-security server to prevent data leakage.

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