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Administrative Services

Entering an unfamiliar market requires initial market research to be conducted before investments are made, office sites are selected, negotiations with suppliers are begun, etc.
Chinese laws and regulations can be quite complex and change frequently. A seemingly simple procedure may necessitate enterprises visiting government offices many times to submit materials and forms.
Enterprises often do not take advantage of regional resources and support systems due to a lack of knowledge of the options that exist, causing an unnecessary waste of time and labor when looking for meeting space, coordinating customer needs, and dealing with other seemingly simple day-to-day tasks.

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Post-Service Payment Guarantee

Foreign investment enterprises may lack knowledge of the complex Chinese legal and administrative system. Working with a local partner who has years of experience in the field and the region is a simple way to come to grips with an unfamiliar system.
Our highly efficient work processes allow us to solve many problems faced by foreign investment enterprises in China. Our efficient processes come from a familiarity with various business models and structures and strong contact with the relevant administrative departments.
We bill after we have provided our services. We find that this helps to control costs for clients in the earlier stages of projects, and it is our guarantee of service quality to our clients. In this way, our clients are not billed excessive amounts before their problems are completely resolved.

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We will contact you within 24 hours.

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