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Tax returns

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Regular Tax Services

Special Tax Services

Tax Bill Services

We provide services in the areas of accounting, statistics, reporting, and recording of BT, VAT, CIT, IIT, etc. taxes.
For more unique situations, we also provide services in the areas of overseas tax payment issues for related parties, tax-related matters for research and development income, tax-related matters for cross-border service income, tax returns, and more.
We provide services for the issuing and purchase of invoices, credit notes and refunded invoices, updates in invoice amount limitations, and more.

Related Matters

Related Matters

Tax Incentives
Tax Treatment
China tax policy can be quite complex, and foreign investment enterprises must pay different taxes according to the business scope, orientation, level, and more aspects. An enterprise's structure also determines its tax rate. A lack of understanding of the various elements of China tax policy can hinder the operation and development of foreign investment enterprises.

Many entrepreneurs and managers investing in China may not know that the Chinese government has issued different tax incentive and financial subsidy policies for different industries. For example, enterprises providing cross-border design and development services can benefit from an effective VAT rate of 0%. High and new technology enterprises and advanced technology service enterprises can benefit from corporate income tax rate reductions from 25% to 15%. Many more opportunities exist, and we can help to identify the appropriate tax incentive and subsidy options for our enterprise clients.
Managing an enterprise's tax requirements can be complex without substantial experience in the field. Some issues that may be encountered by foreign investment enterprises operating in China include the strict accounting standards that must be followed for VAT input and output, invoice amounts, applications of plain and special invoices, and more.

Service Advantages

Risk Control

Overall Planning

Post-Service Payment Guarantee

We analyze enterprises' current situations and needs and develop the most suitable tax treatment methods with respect to existing tax policy. We minimize enterprises' tax risk through tailored risk-control mechanisms so that our clients can freely enjoy current tax incentive policies and subsidies.
Through efficient and professional planning, we can help foreign investment enterprises to quickly realize their financial and tax optimization objectives at a lower cost, while reducing their potential risk.
We bill after we have provided our services. We find that this helps to control costs for clients in the earlier stages of projects, and it is our guarantee of service quality to our clients. In this way, our clients are not billed excessive amounts before their problems are completely resolved.

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