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Management Consulting

Focus point

Test and Diagnosis

Organization and Optimization

Interaction and Implementation

Through effective overall planning, we can aid our foreign investment enterprise clients to quickly realize financial and tax optimization objectives with lower costs, at the same time reducing their risk exposure. By optimizing the tax plan, we permit enterprises to obtain more tax incentive and subsidy support.
We assist clients to organize their business flow charts, identify and optimize responses to critical risks, and establish risk matrices. The standardization and documentation of business flow charts and risk matrices are conducive to efficient operation and internal control.
We assist enterprises to match up their business processes' critical control points with their information system's functions in order to ensure optimal control. We will regularly follow up and conduct testing to ensure that the established internal control system can be utilized for an extended period of time.

Related Matters

Inapplicable Method

Organic Integration
Compliance-type internal control methods have difficulty supporting the secure development of enterprises during periods of rapid development. These methods are not the ideal management, strategic, or value-based internal control systems.
The level of the internal control system may not match the operational efficiency of the enterprise well.
Enterprises benefit the most through organic integration of the internal control system, corporate management and control system, and the risk management system.

Service Advantages

Strategic Planning

Value Creation

Process Framework

Our consulting services ensure that enterprises' internal control systems are in accordance with the enterprises' medium- and long-term strategic development plans.
By integrating enterprises' strategic goals, we design internal control systems from the basic development level and thus take advantage of multiple value-creation opportunities.
The process framework is based on the optimized department framework and forms the control network for the branches of the enterprise.

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