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Personal income tax services

Focus point

Whether the business is taxable

Deal with burdensome filing information at the taxation bureau

360-degree risk control system

A wealth of cases demonstrates that the business which falls outside the taxable scope becomes taxable due to the irregular data and materials and taxpayers have to bear unnecessary tax burden. At the same time, the expatriates employed also bear additional tax burden. This leads to conflicts between employer and employee. Our goal is to help enterprises solve potential conflicts of a similar nature, reduce unnecessary tax burdens, and strive to create a harmonious and fair competitive business environment for you.
RTF International Tax Department has a clear understanding of the requirements of the taxation bureau for filing, and can cope with the regular inspection and tax inspection by the taxation bureau on different sectors at different times; due to the rigorous working style of RTF, our team will make verbatim check and consideration of the filing documents to be submitted to the taxation bureau, build the “impenetrable” risk control barriers for the taxpayers and enable the contents of files to truly reflect the substantial business, in a bid to avoid the suspicion of the taxation bureau about the tax risk of .
for the tax-related matters for expatriates, RTF International Tax Department not only concerns the organization of filing materials for the taxation bureau, but also focuses on building the related risk control system. From the original supporting documents, to the financial accounting treatment, and to the filing with the taxation bureau, it provides a full range of exhaustive solutions, ensuring a 360-degree risk control.

Related Matters

Risk control filing at the taxation bureau for stock option incentive of expatriate executives

Arrangements of tax exemption for expatriate workers and risk compliance processing
Formulation of welfare policy for expatriate senior management and risk control filing at the taxation bureau
According to the stock option incentives provided by multinationals for the executives, RTF will communicate with the Chinese taxation bureau regarding the residence time of foreign executives in China and restrictions on issuance of stock option. Through the administrative method of filing, the company makes full communication with the taxation bureau on related matters to achieve real-time

RTF will help enterprises establish audit policy for personal income tax exemption for expatriate workers. Coupled with different employee payroll and corporate welfare policy, it standardizes the regulatory system for tax exemption, and can provide daily monitoring and management consulting and agency services, ensuring comprehensive risk control from policies

Through the approval of welfare policies, combined with management ideas of “equal pay for equal work”, RTF helps enterprises formulate comprehensive implementation programs for welfare policy for expatriate executives; combined with the administrative filing method of the taxation bureau, RTF helps businesses achieve their goals of advance risk control;

Permanent office for expatriate executives / employees and solution of risk control filing at taxation bureau:

Starting with the business matters, coupled with such key factors as the job responsibility of staff stationed overseas or dispatched expatriate executives, RTF helps customers audit contracts related to labor dispatching and ensures clear statements for key points in compliance with the taxation bureau, thereby

Service Advantages

Accurate positioning of risk control points

Store of knowledge about international tax

Rich experience in dealing with taxation bureau

RTF is well-versed in risk control points under different forms of business and can help companies quickly locate risk control points, thereby locking the targets. Combined with the filing system of the taxation bureau, it develops solution for key points for risk control.
RTF International Tax Department, based on the development of international personnel in China, can identify the tax-related key points corresponding to different types of business, thus assisting multinationals to make accurate accounting of personal income tax costs in China.
the defense team of RTF International Tax Department, has amassed rich experience regarding foreign staff stationed in China and whether the taxation bureau has permanent office, etc. The clearly defined business reflects the area of responsibility for both parties and help multinational companies to gain greater and reasonable tax benefit.

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