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Business Registration in Singapore

Focus point

Local Address, Secretary and Director



A company must have a registered address in Singapore, whether a physical or virtual address, and must appoint at least one local resident director, with one local resident secretary.
A company can be registered with a minimum capital of S$1, without any other restrictions.
A company must prepare its financial statements to then file its annual returns with ACRA and tax returns with IRAS every year. Financial statements are only required to be audited where the auditing conditions are met.

Related Matters

Retainer Services

Immigration Services
Special Licenses
At RTF, we can offer our clients with a virtual office in the CBD area together with company secretary and nominee director services to comply with the Singapore Company Law.
We offer clients with the most effective solutions for applying for different work passes and permanent residence permit (PR).
We provide consulting services, in the instance where, special licenses or permits might be required to be applied for at the different government agencies, before starting on any business operations.

Service Advantages

Singapore RTF

One-Stop Solution

professional planning

Having been in the market for more than 10 years, RTF is a global financial and tax consulting firm, which has provided services to over hundreds of companies in Singapore and overseas.
RTF provides truly One-Stop Solution services to all size companies, ranging from company services to accounting, tax planning, immigration services and so on.
Through efficient and professional planning, we can help companies to quickly realize their establishment optimization objectives at a lower risk and cost.

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