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Transfer Pricing

Focus point

Reasonable Analysis

Pricing Strategy

Transfer Risk

Advance preparation of contracts and reasonable division of income, costs, expenses, and profit leads to a more positive reception by tax authorities.
We conduct a comparability analysis before the determination of the optimal transfer pricing method, allowing us to assist clients to select the most suitable and reasonable transfer pricing method for their unique situations and business models.
There are many risks in related-party transactions, including the fairness of transfer pricing selection, preparation of the transfer pricing report, whether the tax rate is within the interquartile range, and a host of other potential tax issues. Our experience in the China market allows our enterprise clients to minimize these risks.

Related Matters

Profit Ratio Accounting

BVD Database Synchronization

We assist enterprises with reviewing and keeping tabs on transaction amounts and profit ratios of transactions by the related companies in order to issue a targeted year-end transfer pricing report.
We provide comprehensive and open access to the BVD database to enterprises so that our clients can keep abreast of industry trade profit ratios, which assists clients to more effectively and accurately understand average industry profit ratios before the conclusion of the fourth quarter.

Service Advantages

Risk Control

Overall Planning

Post-Service Payment Guarantee

By analyzing enterprises' current situations and choosing the optimal transfer pricing method, we allow our enterprise clients to effectively manage their transfer pricing issues and evaluate their risks.
Through efficient and professional planning, we can help foreign investment enterprises to quickly realize their transfer pricing objectives at a lower cost, while reducing their potential risk.
We bill after we have provided our services. We find that this helps to control costs for clients in the earlier stages of projects, and it is our guarantee of service quality to our clients. In this way, our clients are not billed excessive amounts before their problems are completely resolved.

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