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Finance and Taxation Consulting

Thank you for your interest in our hourly finance taxation consulting services.  This service is tailored especially for enterprises and high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs) who lack the support of a quality, reliable finance and tax consulting team. In order to build the initial trust with our clients, we will offer a 1-2 hours’ valuable professional services at a lower cost. Working with RTF’s tax consultants will provide Chinese and foreign entrepreneurs with the sincerest professional service experience.

Service Introduction




Chinese and foreign HNWIs, international clients with cross-border business, foreign investors who have just entered China and seeking for business development, and any domestic and foreign customers who lack high-end professional and quality resources.

·  Offering services in both Chinese and English.

·  International tax team with over 10 years of experience and who are well versed in international bilateral tax treaties, transfer pricing and other cross-border tax-related areas.
·  Provision of compliance solutions for companies, not limited only at the tax policy analysis level.

By providing a one-off 2 hours’ consultation service, we can help enterprises to develop clear tax-related ideas in different areas for the development of their “new” business.

RTF consulting service scope

·  CRS (recommended: 1 hour call)- In addition to providing extra knowledge on the CRS policy, we help HNWI clients analyze the compliance and risks of global configuration of assets, and analyze compliance solutions based on individual asset size and risk assessment.

·  Enterprise offshore structure and cross-border business (recommended: 1-2 hours’ consultation) - It is suitable for mature cross-border operation teams that have just received financing or are planning new business. We introduce the steps of VIE structuring, the compliance approval guidelines, the interpretation and implementation of No. 37 policy, the business settings after structuring, and the free and low-tax flow of cross-border capital. In terms of business operations, RTF International Tax Team helps to analyze the best appropriate business areas such as tax-free business and zero-tax business. This service will be of great value mainly to cross-border gaming companies, cross-border e-commerce companies, cross-border IT, R&D and software companies.

·  Businesses expanding globally (recommended: 1-2 hours call or face to face meeting)-  For entrepreneurs expanding their business overseas, RTF business development management team will provide the relevant policies and implementation programs in terms of law, tax, accounting, finance and social security in the respective countries of interest.  This will help entrepreneurs to develop their business more efficiently and steadily.  Also, not to forget the Chinese Overseas Direct Investment (ODI) policy, where RTF can help to plan and ensure your company’s development is in line with the China’s foreign investment policy, and with the overseas entity’s place of operations policies. In terms of structuring, RTF’s team will also help in bringing forward expansion solutions within control and best suited for business development in terms of tax arrangements.

·  Foreign investment solutions (recommended: 1 hour call)- RTF overseas service team will introduce the encouraged, restricted and prohibited industries in China.  In other terms, RTF will describe the businesses that are the most welcomed in China, the corresponding tax-related costs, tax incentives policies and implementation solutions, the annual report of foreign-funded enterprises, China’s foreign exchange policy, repatriation of profits and other necessary matters.  For instance, high-tech enterprises can enjoy super deduction on their research and development expenses, software enterprises can apply for tax holidays, and so on. Also, RTF’s finance and taxation experts can introduce solutions for application of foreigners’ visa in China and guidelines regarding the corresponding individual taxes. 

·  Other development areas: Other matters that RTF can assist is the overseas equity transfer, M&A laws and tax-related matters, external payments, cross-border tax exemption/zero-tax rate, foreign investment, No. 37 policy, analysis of tax planning for domestic enterprises and so on. 

For more information, please feel free to contact our consultants.  For reference only, we charge a basic fee of 500 USD per hour for our consulting service.  

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