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Tax Insights

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Tax refund impossible?Times on change in China!

"The tax administrationlaw" article 51, If the taxpayers paid more tax amount than the correct amount,then the taxpayers have right to claim for tax refund within previous 3 years.

RTF reminding, the above regulation doesn't mention why you pay more tax than you should be. So what rtf want to say:”fight for the taxpayers rights, and we need our money back” Haha.But besides the rights, the taxpayers will also combine with some risks of negotiations with tax authorities.rtf invite you to share the following i-Tips!
Based on the professional team of rich experiences, rtf wants to guide you the following three key points to evaluation your risks:
1) You first task is to check your financial data. Whether the clue is clear enough to support this? You need professional contracts; the data of the sub-ledgers of revenue, bank, and taxation should be match well.
2) Secondly, Do you have some hardcopy documentation as the support file? For instance, domestic invoices and overseas invoices can match perfect? Do you collect all the bank receipts and oversea revenue proofs?
3) Finally, all of the final data and the hardcopy file match well, Maybe you will be requested to make up the taxation declaration. What rtf wants to tell here: it is regular thing, calm down! Cooperation will make government officers happy”, after that you will find you key.

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