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New regulations for company registration in China!

Based on the new amended Company Law and the <>, what do the company and the shareholders need to know?  RTF will share more about the extra rights about registration of Capital Management, which are described below:

1.“A one Chinese Yuan Company”:  If before a base registered capital of 30000RMB (private limited company), 100000RMB (proprietary limited company), 5000000RMB (public company) were required, now this prerequisite is out of date.  Now, a company can theoretically be registered with, get ready to hear that, 1RMB only.  
2.“Zero Down Payment”: A down payment from shareholders of the company is now theoretically no more required at the time of the establishment.
3.Bye bye to restricted registered capital contribution rules: If previously only some items were considered and only a certain proportion of the items were allowed in the registered capital, now there are no limitations on the registered capital.
4.Bye bye to the 3 months, 2 years and 5 years capital contribution time requirements: How great is it?  Shareholders are no more required to pay their capital contribution to the company within a time limit.
5.No more registration capital procedures: Capital verification report will now be taken out of the China Company Law.

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